Here's My Heart Documentary 

A documentary featuring the testimonies of 12 people who say to have obtained freedom from the LGBT lifestyle through the life-changing power of Jesus Christ.


The Third Way

An 40-minute documentary film which presents the truth of the Catholic Church’s teachings on homosexuality with love. 


Finding True Happiness


Are you perfectly happy, or are you still looking for perfect happiness? Most people are still actively searching for true and lasting happiness, but are looking in the wrong places... 

Gay Awareness


 Did God make people gay? Does God love homosexuals? Will people have to deal with same-sex attraction their entire lives? Landon Schott brings truth and clarity to sexual confusion to reveal the heart of the Father and mind of Christ... 

20 Answers


 What does the Catholic Church actually teach about same-sex attraction?  If God created certain people gay, how can we say that it’s sinful for them to live that way?  

For Such a Time


 A personal memoir from Jeffrey McCall about his involvement with homosexuality, illegal drugs, alcohol, prescription pills, partying, and his life as Scarlet. Transparent about his personal experiences, including family issues, suicide, personal relationships, his time at a mental institution, and his journey to find hope and love throughout it all!  

Scripture, Mercy & Homosexuality


 Our God is a God of mercy: ever ready to love, forgive, and embrace us as his sons and daughters. Yet some of the Bible’s teachings on sexual morality can seem harsh and discriminatory. How can biblical teaching about homosexuality, especially, be compatible with the loving mercy of God? 



 CHANGED is a compilation of inspirational stories of men and women who have come out of homosexuality. Read their experiences of transformation through the love of Jesus. Find insight into the real pain of peoples lives as well as the hope and freedom that they have found.